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Does emotion help us make moral judgments?

In this brand new show, Alfie Brown will address this question. It will address this question using jokes. There is a joke about Formula1 that isn’t actually about Formula1. There is a joke about shopping in a supermarket that is not really about shopping in a supermarket. There is a joke about parking tickets, and so on. These jokes will weave together to create something greater than the sum of their parts, answering a question about emotion and its complicated relationship to morality. You can disagree, but you must laugh.

Note from Alfie …
I refute that I am saying things to plainly and wilfully disrupt social progress. I am not. I might seem smug, I know, apologies, and I am often misunderstood. So at this particular point in the unfolding history of meaning, intention, signs and signifiers, I am sometimes going to tell you what I f**king mean.

“Twisty and thoughtful social satirist… on this evidence, few do it better” ★★★★ The Guardian
“Rich with arresting imagery and exquisite phrase-making” ★★★★ Chortle
“Motoring towards a masterpiece” ★★★★ Evening Standard

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