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The Grade Cricketer Live

Get your rig in to shape and your salad sorted, cos the Grade Cricketer lads are hitting the road for a very special run of LIVE podcasts to coincide with this summers test series against India.

As wide-eyed juniors, Dave Edwards, Sam Perry and Ian Higgins all dreamed of playing cricket for Australia one day. That was before they entered the harsh, dog-eat-dog world of Australian grade cricket, where their hopes and dreams were swiftly extinguished; their cricketing careers subsequently laid to rest. As a form of catharsis, ‘The Grade Cricketer’ was born: a desperate, delusional ‘everyman’ that thousands of middling amateur athletes can relate to, even if they refuse to admit it publicly.

Fresh from their chart-topping podcast, The Grade Cricketer, the trio are now taking their wares to the live stage. Join them as they attempt to hold a mirror to that dark, inescapable intangible that binds us all: Australian Cricket Culture.

‘The Grade Cricketer has taken us so far inside a district club dressing room that you feel like a locker. Ligaments could not be closer to the bone than some of his observations.’
Kerry O’Keeffe – Commentator and former Australian Test Cricketer

‘The beauty of The Grade Cricketer is he is more than a grade cricketer — he is every cricketer, from the park to the SCG. His insights into the game make people laugh mostly because they reflect every cricketer’s unspoken convictions. We all live vicariously through him, as he does us.’
Ed Cowan – Former Australian Test Cricketer

The Grade Cricketer is strange and, I suspect, brilliant’. Wisden

“Does anybody listen to this?” Brendon Julian, former Australian Test Cricketer

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