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This show is actual stand up.

You shouldn’t come to this show if you refer to something you’ve done as an epic journey despite going nowhere, you have more than one middle name, you know your own I.Q., a NO SHIRT NO SERVICE sign applies to you, you think sweet potato fries were a good invention, if more than one person (excluding your spouse or parents) has called you an idiot recently, or you consider yourself an aficionado of stand up comedy (this includes any Australian man who wears a scarf).

If you’re now thinking: Well what about Doctor Who? then don’t come.

If someone is dragging you along to this show against your will and you don’t have the fortitude to tell them you’d rather go see something more familiar, then file a complaint once you get home and are sitting safely in your study nook.

No lowbreeds please.

★★★★★ “A knock-out.” – The Age

★★★★½ “A comedian in complete command of his powers, Heggie is a true one-off.” – Sydney Morning Herald

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