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Michelle is on a plane, watching a documentary about pandas, trying to solve a mystery. In 2020, at Lido cinema, Michelle was handed an envelope with her name on it containing $10.50 in mostly coins. But it wasn’t for her. Legacy is the search for another Michelle Brasier and the exploration of all the other women one woman could have been if she’d made different choices. Reaching out to strangers isn’t always a good idea but Michelle has made lots of mistakes on the internet before. She might as well keep going. It’s about sliding doors, the myth of Narcissus and building a legacy, whatever that is. Can women really have it all? Is it a good idea to fly Untied Airlines? Will the $10.50 make it to it’s rightful owner?  

2022 – NOMINEE Best Production – Green Room Awards   

2022 – NOMINEE Best Musical Direction Green Room Awards  

2022 – NOMINEE Best Artist Green Room Awards  

2022 – NOMINEE Best Writing Green Room Awards  

2021 – NOMINEE Most Outstanding Show Melbourne International Comedy Festival  

‘Endlessly charming. ★★★★★’ Chortle (UK)  

‘Howlingly funny, emotionally generous and, ultimately, profound… A miracle of a show. ★★★★★’ Sydney Morning Herald  

‘A sharply relevant, hysterically funny story worthy of a Netflix special. A comedic force with serious musical theatre chops. ★★★★★’ Time Out  

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