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Osher Günsberg: NTNNNNN

Osher Günsberg returns to Melbourne Interntional Comedy Festival with his hilarious late-night satirical news show.

NTNNNNN: Real stories, fake news.

With Osher Günsberg and the NTNNNNN news team.

News stopped being about the facts a long time ago.

Why should the big players have all the fun?

Night Time News Network National Nightly News with Osher Günsberg and the NTNNNN news team is a live, satirical news show where the stories are real and the news is made up on the spot.

It’s the news of the day, every day.

Brought to you by the most fearless, fastest, funniest news team in the country plus special guest reporters every single night.

No two shows are ever the same.

Currently bound by an NDA so tight it would make you drop your Walkley, the NTNNNNN news team are not at all allowed to talk about the very real TV show they are making based on their fake TV show that this is, so don’t even ask.

Osher Günsberg is a Gold Logie loser, podcaster and author.

The NTNNNNN news team includes the ferociously talented Clare Cavanagh, Josh McGee, Alex Reynolds, Orya Golgowsky, Jeeves Verma, John Glover and Hayden Wright

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