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“Well, last year seemed to go quite nicely. How about a return in a big room of that nice little award-winning stand up comedy show, yeah? That sounds nice doesn’t it? Yeah. A nice little comedy show with your ol’ pal Rhys. Let’s squeeze as much cash out of this cow as possible. Lovely.”

The winner of the 2022 Melbourne International Comedy Festival Award for Most Outstanding Show, Rhys Nicholson, returns for a very special one-off performance of their critically acclaimed show Rhys! Rhys! Rhys!

‘The Comedy Festival show with the highest number of laughs per minute… Nicholson is an absolute master of the form. ★★★★★’ Time Out 

‘The star of Rhys Nicholson has certainly risen.★★★★★’ The AU Review 

‘The expertly delive red tat-a-tat joke rate never flags…how remarkable it is to see someone so entirely in command of their work and style. ★★★★½’ The Age  

‘Sharp focus on punchlines that few could match. ★★★★’ Chortle (UK)

‘Provides more humor in his hour than most average stand-ups. ★★★★½’ Theatre People

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