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Chameleonic Nashville icons Lambchop might have earned their stripes in the 90s alt-country movement but the subsequent two decades have proven the band’s soul is that of a nomad, passing through post-rock, lounge, electronica and folk.

Kurt Wagner and his left-of-centre country-soul mini-orchestra are set to return to Australia for their first visit to the Sydney since their sold out performance at the 2012 Sydney Festival. Leaving Nashville behind, the American group will perform for one night only this October.

With a string of internationally acclaimed albums such as Nixon, OH (Ohio) and FLOTUS to its name, Wagner’s songs and their delivery have always gone against the Nashville mainstream. Lambchop have been hailed alongside the likes of Wilco and Ryan Adams as the heroes of an alternative country music renaissance.

Alternating between genres country, post- rock, soul and lounge music led by Wagner’s bent enigmatic songwriting and croaky whisper of a voice, Lambchop will perform a set exquisitely sculpted, melancholic yet humorous in sonics and mood culminating in a laid-back style as interesting as it is soothing.

Understated but ripe with meaning, technically masterful but with an unexpected catchiness, Lambchop’s music is the kind you have to fight not to fall for.

For fans and newcomers Sydney’s Factory Theatre will provide the perfect intimate setting to get inside the songs of Lambchop who have cemented their position as one of the leading lights of provocative, contemporary country music. This is one show not to be missed.

“The stalwart and defiantly odd Nashville band Lambchop’s latest reinvention .. is as lush and gorgeous as any of their past work” – Pitchfork

“An album which may turn out to be one of their best and most accessible” ‘Album of the Month’ 8/10 Uncut

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