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Hi my name is Ray and I’m an Australian standup comedian who is still lockdown in London.

Originally, this show was meant to be part of the 2020 Scf but that was cancelled. Then I rescheduled it to be at the comedy store for later in the year but I couldn’t get back to perform the show. However, the show must go on! So I rescheduled the show again to December and rewrote the show so I could perform the show at 6am at The Bill Murray comedy club in London, and stream it live to the Sydney comedy store! I had guests organised live at the Comedy Store in Sydney, and here with me in London. My good friend John Cruckshank was going to be hosting. But then that day, Sydney went into a partial Lockdown again, and the show was cancelled.

But if you still have a ticket, and are still alive, the show is happening!!! 1 year later!! John Cruckshank will be hosting and there’ll be guests!

My comedy has been described as off-beat observational comedy, and I’ve written comedy for various TV shows, comedians, advertising agencies, theatre, radio and more. I recently performed on the Jonathan Ross Comedy Club for ITV London and I’ve done lots of other stuff too. Go to my website or just give me a call on 07899242143 and ask away.

“We’re talking embarrassing, stomach-hurting, weeping kind of laughter.”5stars, Broadway World

“His style of self-deprecating humour quickly puts the crowd at ease…”4stars, The Music

“These stories are funny and well told”Sydney Morning Herald

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